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Wiring a New Shed or Small Building

Got some projects you’re wanting to work on, but just don’t have the space in your house or even in your garage? You can easily make some room by investing in a shed or a small building that you can move into your backyard, set up your gear in, and work on your projects to your heart’s content.

To make sure you can stay cool (or warm) and have lights to adequately be able to see what you’re doing in your new shed, you’re going to want to make sure it is properly wired for electricity. What if you’re not too experienced with trying to wire a building from scratch? Your best bet would be to leave it to an electrical wiring installation birmingham professional, but if you want to learn more about wiring works and attempt it yourself, you can at least keep some important tips in mind to help.

electrical wiring installation birmingham

What You’ll Need

Before getting started with wiring your shed or small building, make sure you have these important items:

·    Plenty of gauge wire

·    A breaker panel

·    PVC piping to act as a conduit

·    Ample underground wiring

What to Do

Figure out where your shed will be placed in your yard. You can then dig a small trench from the main electrical panel outside to where you are planning to have the new hookups at. Make sure you have some PVC conduit on hand, and run it along the trench. This is where your new wiring will be routed through.

Drill a hole in the shed’s frame, indicating where your outlet is going to be. Set the electrical box, and snake the wiring in. With directions handy to make sure the wiring is installed correctly, you can probably handle the wiring yourself if you do everything properly and are careful.

When the wiring is finished and the new panel outlet is properly installed, you can bury the wiring in the PVC from earlier in your newly-dug trench. Make sure it is filled back up with dirt, pack it down, and hook up to the main electrical panel. Return to your shed and flick a light on to test it out.

If it worked, then congratulations! Your new shed is wired and ready for action.